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IHSA High Point Program

You can now join our High Point Program online. Begin by nominating your horse or rider using the form below.


High Points are collected twice a year using the online High Point Submission process. See below to learn more about how you can participate this show season. 

Learn about the IHSA High Point Program

High Point Program

  1. Points are counted from the date you nominate.

  2. Only horses owned and exhibited by IHSA members are eligible for Championship awards. Leased horses count as ownership.

  3. Horses must be shown in a minimum of three IHSA accredited shows. In the Equitation division the rider must show in a minimum of three accredited IHSA shows. Points follow the rider.

  4. Academy Divisions - Points go with the rider, not the horse. Horse ownership is not a factor in this division.

  5. Champion and Reserve Champion awards may be given in each division and are awarded at the IHSA Annual Banquet.

  6. An English high point and a Western high point award will be given to the horse or pony having the highest point totals.

  7. The age of an individual as of Dec. 1 shall be maintained throughout the following calendar year.

  8. Points will be earned in regular and stake classes.

  9. The IHSA will use the USEF rule book to define Amateur status and for any rule not specifically covered under IHSA rules.

  10. Points are earned only at shows that have accredited with the IHSA 30 days prior to their show date.

  11. Computation of points is as follows: First - 6 pts. Second - 5 pts. Third - 4 pts. Fourth -3 pts. Fifth -2 pts. Sixth - 1 pt.

  12. Protests for changes in points must be made in writing to the point secretary. The protest will be evaluated by the Board of Directors and the point secretary and adjustments made if necessary.

** Open Pleasure Driving at Iowa State Fair will qualify towards Show Pleasure Driving, Country Pleasure Driving or Open Pleasure Driving - whichever division the horse has shown consecutively in.

For Additional High Point Rules and a list of Championship Divisions, please click on the High Point Rules and Divisions PDF below

If you have questions, please contact: 

Fay Coulthard
641-521-0393 |

2024 High Point Nomination Form

Complete one form per horse or rider.


Please note: points begin to accrue at the first accredited show that starts on or after the date you submit your form. 

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